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Energy consumption for troubleshoot!

Date: 2015-10-20
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Aluminium production energy consumption accounted for over 50% of the global non-ferrous metals production total energy consumption. How to do? Is there a way to!

For hydro aluminium provides a full range of ABB power and automation solutions that help the company is located in Norway sandel (Sunndal) modern factory energy saving and efficiency increase productivity.

Since its launch in February 2004, hydro aluminium has the plant's productivity increased by 15% than the original design ability, increased energy efficiency by 25%.

The plant in the process of transformation, using hydro own HAL 250 cell technology to replace the old S ø derberg electrolytic cell. For the plant two cell provides a full range of ABB power and automation solutions that help factory greatly increase productivity and energy efficiency.

The ABB current conversion furnace application area has more than 80 years of experience.

Sandel smelters is Europe's largest electrolysis plant, is the world's highest level of modern electrolytic aluminium plant, it has two electrolytic cell, 516 electrolytic cell, can produce 360000 tons of aluminium each year.

2007 published by the international energy agency a industrial energy efficiency and carbon emissions according to the report, primary aluminum production energy consumption accounted for the global non-ferrous metals (other than iron and iron alloy metal) produce more than half of the total energy consumption.

Aluminum is one of the most abundant metal content in the crust, but aluminium refining need to consume large amounts of electricity. Because the electricity is aluminium industry, one of the core part of the cost of production (according to the relevant materials of hydro aluminium, electricity accounted for 30% of the total cost of the aluminium production), the industry has been constantly seeking to improve process efficiency.

Due to the electrolytic process are difficult to restart once stop, like sandel electrolysis plant requires adequate and reliable power supply to ensure the production process. Stop running if the factory power outages, electrolytic cell, has molten aluminum will "freeze" in a short time, and restart the cost is very high.

Reliable solutions

ABB to sandel electrolysis plant cell project provides a full range of solutions, including to ensure reliable electric power electronic devices and power supply systems, and automation solutions.

Stop working once the malfunctioning of the rectifier, electrolytic cell, molten aluminum will be "frozen" in a few hours.

The scheme includes rectifier, process control system, harmonic filter group, integrated switch module and security of low voltage and dc power distribution system such as process technology.

ABB will be entirely responsible for the solution design, transportation, installation, debugging, commissioning and completion and so on various aspects of work.

As part of the optimization strategy, and at the same time in order to ensure the normal operation of electrolyzer, hydro aluminium also signed with ABB power and automation solutions, services and maintenance of a complete set of the contract.

Hydro aluminium is one of the world's largest producer of aluminium, sandel is its largest electrolytic aluminium plant.

ABB is a market and technology leader in the field of furnace current conversion enterprises, with a 50% market share in the whole world, and have been successfully carried out several projects all over the world, including the world's largest aluminium electrolysis plant factory - Qatar Mercedes.

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