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ABB, improve efficiency and product quality of pulping and papermaking

Date: 2015-10-20
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Although China is one of the papermaking powers in the world, however, rising labor costs, shortage of energy and resources to the industry constantly to bring pressure, the pulp and paper industry is undergoing structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading. ABB is the world's pulp and paper industry with the most complete product line automation, instrumentation and electrical equipment suppliers and comprehensive solutions provider, leading the development of the global pulp and paper industry automation technology.

ABB will 800 xa system can process of multiple subsystems and integrated into a simplified interface, fully integrated automation system with simplified design, excellent visualization, and intelligent level, bring more convenient operating environment for engineers. Control system enable customers to production efficiency more than 99%, the envy of the industry. Intelligent integration control is also helping to reduce equipment investment, improve product quality, and reduce the manpower and the demand of raw materials, energy, etc. ABB efficient transmission can significantly reduce energy consumption, improve efficiency, and help customers reduce operating costs.

Hengan group is one of the biggest health supplies manufacturing enterprises in China, since 1996, he and ABB has established good cooperative partnership. ABB drive system, the process control system and electrical control system, power distribution system of hengan before 17 paper machines used in production of 80% of the electric automation system.

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