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说明: Aluminium production energy consumption accounted for over 50% of the global non-ferrous metals production total energy consumption. How to do? Is there a way to!For hydro aluminium provides a full range of ABB power and automation solutions that help the company is located in Norway sandel (Sunndal) modern factory energy saving and efficiency increase productivity.Since its launch in February 2004, hydro aluminium has the plant's productivity increased by 15% than the original design ability, increased energy efficiency by 25%.The plant in the process of transformation, using hydro own HAL 250 cell technology to replace the old S ø derberg electrolytic cell. For the plant two cell provides a full range of ABB power and automation solutions that help factory greatly increase produ...
说明: Although China is one of the papermaking powers in the world, however, rising labor costs, shortage of energy and resources to the industry constantly to bring pressure, the pulp and paper industry is undergoing structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading. ABB is the world's pulp and paper industry with the most complete product line automation, instrumentation and electrical equipment suppliers and comprehensive solutions provider, leading the development of the global pulp and paper industry automation technology.ABB will 800 xa system can process of multiple subsystems and integrated into a simplified interface, fully integrated automation system with simplified design, excellent visualization, and intelligent level, bring more convenient operating environment for enginee...
说明: Shangri-la county is located in 3300 meters above sea level in northwest China's yunnan province, is located in the "three rivers flow" and the world natural heritage centre, is praised as "paradise on earth". But for a long time, but 50000 local residents rely on wood as the main fuel stove heating in the winter, this not only pollute the air, but also to the local ecological environment caused major damage.In order to change this unsustainable way of heating, ABB will provide central heating system to the shangri-la region, about 50000 residents to provide safe and reliable heat source, this change in the way of heating will be greatly beneficial to protect the environment. After a year, shangri-la will therefore save 17000 tons of coal, equivalent to reduce 10500...
说明: New energy vehicles is strongly advocated in China one of the seven strategic emerging industries. Is expected in 2020, China's new energy automobile production capacity of 2 million units, the cumulative volume has more than 5 million vehicles. DENZA teng potential is the shenzhen byd Daimler new technology co., LTD., a subsidiary of the first electric cars, has more than 300 km range, is the first born of the Chinese market one of the high range of electric cars.If the electric car as a vibrant life, power source is arterial blood to sustain life. ABB strategic cooperation with the company, to provide dc fast charging machine, continuous development of domestic common dc fast charging solution, and for the advanced electric cars, fast delivery "arterial blood". The wall cha...
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